EDDIE THE HAT: The Hat as he is widely known through the sports wagering industry and horse industry began his handicapping career with the horses, picnicking from the infield at Santa Anita each Sunday afternoon with family and friends in the mid-1970's while attending junior high school. He could often be seen carrying a Racing Form in his back pocket to classes and reading the "sheets" at lunch time.
While wagering $2 show bets through his family, he graduated to win and place wagers and then dabbled in $5 exacta boxes while mentored by an old family friend, "Rickus." Two-dollar daily double plays were also a popular wager for him.
"I guess you could say I was bitten by the bug at an early age," The Hat says. "My father and older brother fanned the flame too and we always had some sort of action each racing day, either through early bird or sneaking out to the track during the day to catch the nightcap. Had I put as much time and effort into my school work as I did reading the Racing Form, I may be on the Supreme Court bench now."

ROGER "BIG BOPPI" HOSKINS: Began his lifelong devotion to sports at age four, attending elite fastpitch softball games in Des Moines Iowa where his uncled Bob and Jim competed. He grew up playing little leaGue baseball and youth basketball in city leagues. The old coach began mentoring youngsters in high school with a flag football team. Coaching became a fixture in his college days as he was called on for baseball, basketball and flag football.
BoppI pursued a 40-year career in journalism, most of it as an editor with short turns as a columnist and sports writer. While raising six children he kept his hand in coaching with softball, little league and basketball. He coach high school teams in basketball and softball and coached Pop Warner football, too.
BobbI worked as an announcer in football and did PA work in basketball and baseball. BoppI also never wavered as a fan. He has attended two Rose Bowls, a Fiesta Bowl, two Holiday Bowls, two Las Vegas bowls, several NCAA tournament basketball games, and a World Series. For the past three seasons he has been appearing with Eddie the Hat on weekly radio show “Keeping Score with Boppi.”

Our hosts have faces made for radio!

But boy do they know their stuff!

From left to right ... Eddie the Hat, and Big Boppi